The Dark Side of Cinnamon

You are eating the wrong kind of cinnamon...

By Aimee Wharton on June 22, 2016

The Best Vitamin for Your Heart

This vitamin can decrease heart disease, dementia, cancer, and fracture risk.

By Dr. Jack Wolfson on June 3, 2016

3 Steps to Stop Diabetes

90% of people have NO IDEA they have pre-diabetes...

By Aimee Wharton on May 31, 2016

Eat Your Heart Out: The Health Benefits of Organ Meats

These forgotten meats are the most nutritious ones available...

By Dr. Colin Champ on May 27, 2016

The Health Benefits of Yerba Mate Tea

This exotic tea is a nutritional superfood... plus it makes you feel incredible!

By Jimmy Mengel on May 26, 2016

Astaxanthin: A Super Substance for Heart Health

This substance decreases inflammation, oxidation, and glucose metabolism...

By Dr. Jack Wolfson on May 26, 2016

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