7 Reasons to Eat Cilantro

The health benefits of cilantro are incredible. It lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, detoxification and stress and anxiety...

By Dr. Jack Wolfson on April 18, 2017

Statins Won't Save Your Life

All those years of training. For nothing.

By Dr. Jack Wolfson on April 18, 2017

Battle for Easter: True vs. Killer Colors

If you're going to dye eggs, do it au naturel...

By Aimee Wharton on April 14, 2017

This Test Could Spare You a Biopsy

A new study published in the Lancet looked at a new way to screen for prostate cancer. It’s accurate, painless, and doesn’t involve anyone sticking anything up you know where...

By Dr. Geovanni Espinosa on March 31, 2017

The Dangers Lurking in Your Laundry

This weekly chore may be causing everything from dementia to Parkinson’s and cancer...

By Dr. Jack Wolfson on March 27, 2017

Your Parents Were Right About Broccoli...

This broccoli derived compound actively kills cancer stem cells... Broccoli is one of those powerful, natural preventive medicines that I have come to love in my years of practice.

By Dr. Geovanni Espinosa on March 8, 2017

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