5 Things to Do Before You Head to the Farmers Market

Before making a trip to your local farmers market, don't forget these five important things...

By Alex Reid on November 14, 2019

Catnip tea can take the edge off...

Feeling stressed? Maybe your cat has had the answer all along! Catnip shows health benefits.

By Alex Reid on November 12, 2019

If You Struggle With THIS, Alzheimer’s Might Be Around the Corner...

Welcome to the weekly Monday roundup, with news on shocking Alzheimer's research and much more.

By Alex Reid on November 11, 2019

Will a cup of joe a day keep the doctor away?

Research shows that, for the average person, coffee is incredible for health. Learn the health benefits of coffee.

By Alex Reid on November 7, 2019

Latest Marketing Ploy: "Fake Meat Is Healthy"

Some of the worst and most highly processed foods today aren’t even found in the junk-food aisle. While fake meat is all the rage, here are a few sobering facts.

By Alex Reid on November 5, 2019

This One Wrong Move Could “Fast-Track” You to Your Deathbed

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup. Find out what could be secretly killing you! This and other news in the health world.

By Alex Reid on November 4, 2019


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