Soda shocker: diet options still linked to early death

ALL sodas, diet and full-sugar, are correlated with lower lifespan. Find out more about this and other stories in today's roundup.

By Alex Reid on September 9, 2019

Harvard doctor issues urgent warning

Tap water in your state likely contains this chemical... and a Harvard doctor is warning you to stay away from it. Here's how you can avoid it.

By Alex Reid on September 5, 2019

Could this strange Chinese tea replace statins?

These Chinese tea leaves may have powerful positive effects. In fact, they may be able to replace the risky statins doctors use to guard against heart attacks...

By Alex Reid on September 3, 2019

Breaking: Over 1,600 school water fountains found contaminated with lead

A recent study found that over 1,600 school water fountains in a certain U.S. state are contaminated with lead. Is your state at risk?

By Alex Reid on August 26, 2019

Air in these U.S. cities is "worse than a pack of cigarettes a day"

The University of Washington found that air pollution in certain U.S. cities is seriously harmful...

By Alex Reid on August 19, 2019

[BREAKING] Cancer-linked containers at THIS fast-food chain

Normally, fast food makes headlines for dangerous ingredients but that isn't the case this time. A popular fast-food chain is shown to have cancer-linked chemicals in its bowls...

By Alex Reid on August 12, 2019


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