Dreading Your Next Colonoscopy? This Surprising Biotech May Do the Job

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup. Will this new biotech replace traditional colonoscopies?

By Alex Reid on February 17, 2020

Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Healthy Valentine's Day Treats

Share something sweet with the ones you love. Here are five healthy treats you can make right at home.

By Alex Reid on February 13, 2020

Six Science-Backed Reasons to Use This Green Powder (Not Matcha)

Move over matcha! Here's a green powder that health freaks are dying to get their hands on...

By Alex Reid on February 11, 2020

Walgreens to Pay $7.5M Settlement for Phony Pharmacist!

Alex Reid, here with your Monday roundup. Walgreens employee gets hit with felony charges for impersonating a pharmacist, and much more...

By Alex Reid on February 10, 2020

Save the Ta-Tas: Start by Nixing These Two Items, Ladies (And Gents)...

Studies show that two widely used beauty products could boost breast cancer risk by 60%.

By Alex Reid on February 6, 2020

Why your cellphone could have you in the hospital...

Studies show a spike in cellphone-related injuries. Are you at risk?

By Alex Reid on February 4, 2020


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