[Urgent] Hepatitis risk from THIS frozen food

Read this now to see if you've been affected

Written by Alex Reid
Posted June 10, 2019

Hi y'all,

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

This is an urgent one.

A popular frozen food from Kroger supermarket has been recalled after FDA tests show potential Hepatitis A contamination.

Hepatitis A is a “highly contagious” liver infection is caused by the Hepatitis A virus, according to the CDC. The virus typically spreads when a person eats or drinks something “contaminated by small, undetected amounts of stool from an infected person.”

Obviously a disturbing piece of news... but there is one fortunate part:

No illnesses have been detected yet.

But if you've purchased any of the following foods, you should check NOW to make sure you haven't been exposed to the recall.


Here are some of Kroger's foods affected by the recall:

  • Private Selection Frozen Triple Berry Medley (16 oz.)
  • Private Selection Frozen Triple Berry Medley (48 oz.)
  • Private Selection Frozen Blackberries (16 oz.) 

Get full details and more from Fox News right here.

In other news, Oakland is now the second U.S. city to legalize psilocybin, or "magic mushrooms."

More and more research is showing the positive health potential of psychedelics.

According to a local expert, Carlos Plazola:

[Psychedelic] plants and fungi are tremendous for helping to enable healing, particularly for folks who have experienced trauma in their lives...

[Prior to legalization] These plants are being recommended pretty extensively undercover, underground, by doctors and therapists.

Denver, which also led the way in cannabis legalization, was the first city to lead the charge.


That full story from the Associated Press is right here.

And finally, a new study suggests that you can work to prevent Alzheimer's by...

Brushing your teeth!

The study links poor dental hygiene to dangerous bacteria that can spread to the brain.

“We discovered DNA-based proof that the bacteria causing gingivitis can move from the mouth to the brain,” says researcher Piotr Mydel at Broegelmanns Research Laboratory, Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen (UiB). 

The good news is, brushing your teeth and flossing is a safe and cheap way to fight back.

That full story, from the University of Bergen, is right here.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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