11 Shocking Perks of Melatonin

Written by Alex Reid
Posted March 5, 2020

Dear Reader,

You may think of melatonin as a sleep booster…

But did you know that melatonin has incredible benefits aside from making you feel sleepy? 

Melatonin is a hormone that has numerous roles throughout the body. And taking melatonin supplements may help support more than you ever imagined.

From your cardiovascular system to your vision...

You'll be shocked at what melatonin can do.

Take a look at these 11 amazing perks of melatonin!

1. Protects against free-radical damage. Free radicals are unstable molecules in the body that may damage healthy cells. When free radicals build up, they can cause oxidative stress, leading to premature aging and disease.

Melatonin has the ability to increase certain antioxidant enzymes that support your health on a cellular level and act as free-radical scavengers.

2. Helps stop hair loss. You can use melatonin both orally and topically to slow down and reverse hair loss due to aging and disease. It can also improve hair health and density.

One study found a significant improvement in alopecia after 90 days of using melatonin, with a 41% increase in hair density.

3. Supports heart health. Inflammation contributes to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and arterial plaque. Over time, these can lead to cardiovascular disease. 

Melatonin has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that may be very beneficial for heart health. Though more research needs to be done, some evidence suggests that melatonin's anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. 

4. Supports brain health. Melatonin activates a certain protein called brain-derived neuropathic factor (BDNF). This protein can help regenerate brain cells and improve your brain health and neuroplasticity.

Melatonin also strengthens the blood-brain barrier. This can be very beneficial for recoveries after brain injury. Studies show that melatonin can decrease intracranial pressure, brain edema, and permeability in the brain-blood barrier after a brain injury.

5. Protects the stomach. Low melatonin is associated with multiple stomach-related issues, including gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), stomach ulcers, and indigestion. 

Taking melatonin can actually help improve these conditions. Additionally, melatonin can help strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter, which prevents stomach acid from flowing up into the esophagus and causing heartburn.

6. Helps defend against diabetes. As you age, your melatonin levels drop. There's a direct link between this reduction in melatonin and Type II diabetes risk. While it may not be a cure for diabetes, it could help with managing or preventing it.

7. Helps with tinnitus. Many experiences the obnoxious ringing or buzzing sound in their ears known as tinnitus. Melatonin happens to be incredibly effective at getting rid of tinnitus. In fact, it has shown to be 150 times more effective than drugs created specifically for tinnitus!

8. Helps with sleep disorders. You already know that melatonin can make you sleepy and improve sleep quality, but did you know that it can help with sleep disorders? Melatonin can help reset your sleep-wake cycle, improve sleep issues related to depression and anxiety, fight against insomnia, and improve jet lag.

9. Could help treat and prevent cancer. Brand-new evidence suggests that melatonin has anti-carcinogenic properties, which could help reduce cancer risk, slow down cancer progression, act as a treatment for certain cancers, and even reduce some cancer treatment side effects.

10. Supports eye health. Melatonin is a vital component of eye development. Without enough melatonin, your eye health and vision will decline. 

Though eyes can actually create melatonin, this ability may decrease over time. Melatonin supplements may help reduce the risk of vision problems, glaucoma, and other eye diseases.

11. Helps those with neurodegenerative diseases. Many of those with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's have sleep issues. Melatonin can help improve poor sleep quality and even improve other symptoms related to neurodegenerative disease like agitation and confusion.

As you can see, melatonin is far more than just a sleep aidIt’s an overall health and wellness booster!

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To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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