A Few Cigarettes vs. Whole Pack... Makes No Difference?

Written by Alex Reid
Posted October 14, 2019

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Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup. 

Most doctors will generally tell you moderation is key.

Scientists recently debunked that myth.

Lancet Respiratory Medicine just published a study that researchers say proves just a few cigarettes a day can be detrimental to your health.

TIME magazine elaborated on the study’s specs:

The study examined the smoking habits and health of more than 25,000 Americans ages 17 to 93.

When the study began, about 10,000 of the study participants had never smoked, while 7,000 had quit; 5,800 had vacillated between quitting and smoking; and 2,500 currently smoked.

The study’s data shows that smoking a very small number of cigarettes a day is almost as harmful to your lungs as smoking an entire pack...

So what’s that magic number?


That’s it. Only five (or even fewer) cigarettes a day could still leave just as much damage as a whole pack.

So those who thought they were “safe” smoking just a few a day... this study says NOT AT ALL.

Numbers don’t lie.

Take a look for yourself.

Just so we’ve made it clear, no amount of smoking cigarettes will ever be good for you.

A new study shows that a drink most have left in early childhood could still have major health benefits for adults today.

Scientists say it “may reduce the occurrence of allergic disorders, including asthma, food allergy, and atopic dermatitis.”

I admit, it’s a very out-of-the-box source of nutrients. 

Perhaps mainstream media may even pass judgment on the suggestion.

But here at Clear Health Now, we are always looking for scientifically backed, all-natural ways to boost health.

So what’s this substance most adults have long said goodbye to?

Human breast milk.

Could you imagine prepping your breakfast in the morning?

You grab your hard-boiled egg...

A few slices of bacon...

An orange...

And a nice cold glass of breast milk!

Researchers did a direct comparison between human milk, cow milk, and infant formula.

Nature’s Scientific Reports says:

We investigated glycerol monolaurate (GML) in human milk versus bovine milk and infant formula for antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities. 

Human milk contained approximately 3000 µg/ml of GML, compared to 150 μg/ml in bovine milk and none in infant formula.

Never heard of GML?

It’s what makes human breast milk so beneficial.

Learn more about it here.

We’ve had fun dancing around taboo issues today, but here’s one I find downright infuriating...

Big Pharma was once again caught red-handed exploiting people.

THOUSANDS of Mexicans cross the U.S. borders to sell their blood plasma. This pads many pharmaceutical companies’ pockets. ScienceBeta reports:

Every week, thousands of Mexicans cross the border into the U.S. on temporary visas to sell their blood plasma to profit-making pharmaceutical companies that lure them with Facebook ads and colorful flyers promising hefty cash rewards.

Go here to see how they’ve been getting away with it.

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Alex Reid
President, Longevity Insider HQ