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Moringa for Diabetes: Does it Work? (Surprising Answer)

Written by Annalise May
Posted December 13, 2018

Does using moringa for diabetes management work? In this post, we'll review the science behind this green superfood and see if it really can be used to naturally control your blood sugar. You might actually be surprised by the results...

Fructan: The Real Culprit Behind Gluten Sensitivity

Written by Annalise May
Posted November 29, 2018

Do you routinely suffer with bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, and fatigue? Think you have a gluten sensitivity? You may be allergic to fructan instead. Read on to discover what this compound is, how it leads to intestinal discomfort, and what you can do to solve it...

Valerian Root vs. Melatonin (The Winner Will Surprise You)

Written by Annalise May
Posted November 27, 2018

Valerian root vs. melatonin... they're two of the most popular sleep aids. Both have been proven to help users but is one better than the other? Is one worse than the other to take at certain times? Which one should you use to fix your sleep problems? Let's find out...

Exogenous Ketones vs. MCT Oil for Weight Loss: Which is Better?

Written by Annalise May
Posted November 23, 2018

Exogenous ketones vs. MCT oil: Both are popular supplements, especially with those who follow the ketogenic diet. Sure, you might see them on store shelves, but do they really work? And if they do, which one is better? Let’s find out the answer to both questions right now.

Do Exogenous Ketones Work? (The Truth Behind This Popular Supplement!)

Written by Annalise May
Posted November 20, 2018

Do exogenous ketones work? They're being touted as the next great weight loss shortcut. With any diet, it’s almost impossible to follow the keto plan perfectly all the time. That’s where exogenous ketones come in. But what's the truth behind this popular supplement?

Banaba Leaf Dramatically Reduces Blood Sugar, Fights Diabetes, + 8 More Health Benefits

Written by Annalise May
Posted November 16, 2018

Should you take banaba leaf extract for diabetes? Multiple studies have confirmed that this tropical plant has powerful blood sugar-lowering effects. In this post, we'll also reveal the other powerful healing benefits of the banaba leaf, including weight loss and improved heart health.

The Truth About L-Theanine and Sleep (Read Before You Take)

Written by Annalise May
Posted November 13, 2018

In this post, we reveal the powerful connection between L-theanine and sleep. But the benefits don't stop there. We'll also reveal how L-theanine fights stress, helps you lose weight, balances your blood sugar, and enhances focus.

How Juniper Berries Can Slash Your High Blood Sugar + 8 Other Amazing Benefits

Written by Annalise May
Posted November 8, 2018

The juniper berry, while not actually a berry, has a long history in traditional medicine. Today, one of the major uses of juniper berries is in essential oil, and it's thought to have antiseptic, antimicrobial, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antioxidant, and even antiviral properties...

How Moringa Reduces Inflammation and Soothes Joint Pain

Written by Annalise May
Posted November 6, 2018

Do you have arthritis or joint pain? New research reveals that Moringa reduces inflammation, improves joint pain, and can help reduce arthritis symptoms. From its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidative properties, there is no doubt you will find benefit from adding this potent superfood to your diet...

Does Melatonin Cause Weird Dreams? The Answer + Other Melatonin Myths Debunked

Written by Annalise May
Posted November 1, 2018

Does melatonin cause bad dreams? This is just one of the many myths of melatonin. Inside, we show you why this common myth is false and why, if you have trouble sleeping, melatonin may be just what the doctor ordered...

20 Amazing Ways to Use Moringa Powder

Written by Alex Reid
Posted October 31, 2018

Curious about how to use Moringa? Well, worry no more! In this post, we reveal 20 amazing ways you can use nature's most powerful superfood to level up your health (recipes included).

Could Cigarettes Be Healthy? No, But Nicotine May Be

Written by Annalise May
Posted October 30, 2018

We all know cigarettes are deadly. But could the nicotine inside them actually hold the key to reversing cognitive decline, improving focus, and treating depression? Recent scientific research is leading us to believe that, yes, is could...

CBD Oil: How it Can Lower Your Blood Pressure + 5 More Little-Known Benefits

Written by Annalise May
Posted October 25, 2018

Have you heard of cannabidiol? More commonly known as CBD oil, it is a natural remedy for many different conditions. This article examines the surprising uses for CBD and its benefits backed by scientific evidence.

Why Moringa is the Only Superfood You'll Ever Need

Written by Annalise May
Posted October 23, 2018

The benefits of the Moringa plant are immense. It can slow aging, help balance hormones, lower your blood sugar, and even help with depression. Read on to discover why Moringa may just be the only superfood you ever need.

7 Delicious Fruits That Fight Diabetes

Written by Annalise May
Posted October 18, 2018

If you have type II diabetes, you may have been told to avoid sugary fruit. Despite its reputation, fruit is a great way to add variety, vitamins, and fiber to your diet if you suffer from high blood sugar or diabetes. Here are the seven best fruits for diabetics...