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Is "Low-T" All in Your Head?

Posted May 26, 2017

Five key strategies to boost testosterone naturally...

Does "It" Hurt?

Posted April 21, 2017

Of all the places to have pain, the penis is one of the most inconvenient. Dr. Geo Espinosa discusses the most common causes of penis pain...

Statins Won't Save Your Life

Written by Dr. Jack Wolfson
Posted April 18, 2017

All those years of training. For nothing.

This Test Could Spare You a Biopsy

Posted March 31, 2017

A new study published in the Lancet looked at a new way to screen for prostate cancer. It’s accurate, painless, and doesn’t involve anyone sticking anything up you know where...

Men: Stop Doing These 10 Things

Posted February 24, 2017

Men today are consistently doing everything that will increase their chances of dying too early. What are men doing so consistently that undermines their health? I’ll tell you...

8 Natural Ways to Boost Your Body’s Testosterone

Posted February 17, 2017

71-Year Old Defies Cancer Odds

Posted February 3, 2017

A 71-year-old man is thriving despite a prostate cancer diagnosis and a very unconventional approach in regards to the treatment of his cancer...

Weight and Your Prostate

Posted January 31, 2017

Prostate enlargement is a normal part of male aging, but that doesn’t mean you have no control over the process. The growth of your prostate might be connected to your waistline...

Reclaim Your Manhood Without Little Blue Pills

Posted January 17, 2017

Don't make dangerous, expensive drugs like Viagra your go-to solution for erectile dysfunction. Turn your attention to the cause of your ED, instead...

Farm-to-Table Prostate Protection in 4 Simple Steps

Posted January 2, 2017

The more cruciferous vegetables you consume the longer you live...period.

10 Signs of Emergency Health Problems

Posted December 9, 2016

I was caught off-guard when Greg informed me that he thought he was going to die...

Your Prostate on Coffee

Posted December 2, 2016

The benefits of daily coffee on your prostate...

New Prostate Cancer Test: Better than PSA?

Posted October 27, 2016

There's a new alternative for the PSA test, and it may be better at detecting potential deadly prostate cancer...

Thriving Before and After Cancer: An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Geo Espinosa

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted October 19, 2016

We sit down with Dr. Geo Espinosa to talk about his new book Thrive Don’t Only Survive. Dr. Geo is a renowned naturopathic doctor recognized as an authority in integrative management of male and urological conditions.

Kill Prostate Cancer With These Foods

Posted May 12, 2016

The 12 top natural cancer killers...