Corona Strikes Our Inner Circle 4x's...

Written by Alex Reid
Posted April 20, 2020

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These Monday roundups always sit differently with me when the news comes from our very own circle.

Right now, there are over 760,000 coronavirus cases in America.

So the chances that you’ve known someone who contracted it (or worse) is more and more likely…

Coronavirus has hit at least four people in our inner circle...

And there’s something we can all take from these four instances.

Coronavirus Case #1: 33-Year-Old Woman. Meet Renee. She is a 33-year-old woman (and mother of a two-year-old boy) who was in quarantine for a month. Renee was one of the rare bunch to experience an extreme case of coronavirus. With increased trouble breathing, Renee started to make plans for her son’s care, as she expected to die. But thanks to treatment and the prayers of loved ones, Renee has made a full recovery and is no longer in quarantine. 

Takeaway: While Renee is very young, she already had pre-existing health conditions that doctors would associate with someone who is 65 and up. It’s not only older people who run the risk of getting serious cases of coronavirus.

Coronavirus Case #2: 37-Year-Old Man. Meet John, a 37-year-old man. Once again, he is young like Renee, but John by all standards is obese. He too has contracted the coronavirus and is still fighting for his life. Symptoms have escalated so drastically for John, he’s in a coma in the hospital right now.

Takeaway: John, much like Renee, is in his younger years. But he is obese, which puts him at greater risk. In fact, researchers have linked obesity (especially in younger patients) to severe coronavirus cases. Check it out here.

Coronavirus Case #3: 70-Year-Old Woman. Within the past week, Mary, a 70-year-old woman in our circle, has died due to coronavirus complications. Mary, unlike the first two cases, fits the bill. While old people aren’t the only folks to contract the virus, they are certainly more prone to getting an extreme case of it.

Takeaway: If you are 50 and up, make sure you’re giving your body the tools it needs to keep a strong immune system. Right now, there’s currently a 20% fatality rate worldwide for the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Case #4: 45-Year-Old Man. Meet Danny. He’s a healthy 45-year-old man who just went into quarantine. Danny eats well, exercises, and, by most standards, is a generally healthy guy. But just days ago, doctors confirmed that he has coronavirus. 

Takeaway: If you are healthy, with no pre-existing health conditions, and in your younger years, you’re not off the hook. No one is immune from catching the virus. That’s why it’s so important to practice social distancing and proper handwashing.

One Commonality…

While the stories of Renee, John, Mary, and Danny all sound very unique to each other… there’s one thing they have in common. They all have African-American heritage. 

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Black Americans are dying of Covid-19 at a higher rate than whites. Socioeconomic factors such as gaps in access to health care no doubt play a role. But another possible factor has been largely overlooked: vitamin D deficiency that weakens the immune system.

Research shows that vitamin D levels are generally lower in those with darker skin than those with lighter skin.

You see, pigmentation reduces vitamin D production in the skin.

So if your ancestors are from somewhere that’s very hot, like the Middle East, Africa, South America, the Mediterranean region… chances are, you should start doubling up on your vitamin D intake.

Folks with weaker immune systems are like the coronavirus’s playground. 

So find it not ironic that…

The countries with some of the highest fatality rates (Italy, Spain, and France) ALSO have the lowest vitamin D levels.

I implore you… make sure you’re taking a solid dosage of vitamin D (5,000 IU).

Right now, the BEST thing you can do for yourself, for your family, your children… is take care of your body!

Fight for your immunity…

Before you go out to purchase vitamin D… I must warn you.

There are two types of vitamin D: D2 and D3.

Vitamin D2 is synthetic. Steer CLEAR of it.

Vitamin D3 is what you want.

It’s natural and will give your body exactly what it needs…

And when you pair it with vitamin K2, they both work together to boost your immunity even MORE.

Don’t sit on this knowledge and chance it.

You simply can’t afford to ignore this.

To your health,

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