Did Scientists Unlock the Secret to Living Over 110 Years?

Written by Alex Reid
Posted November 18, 2019

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Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

If you could live forever, would you?

Research says babies born in 2019 can expect to live 75 years if they’re women and 70 if they’re men. 

If you live in North America, consider yourself lucky, because the life expectancy for men and women is 81 years and 76 years, respectively.

But as the 60s and 70s creep in, somehow another 10 to 20 years just doesn’t feel long enough...

Who doesn’t want more time on this Earth?

Time to spend with your grandchildren.

Time to live out your life’s purpose.

Time to see the world.

Time to play golf!

Most people want a long, healthy life.

That’s why I’m so curious about the seemingly “immortal gods” who walk among us.

I’m talking about the “supercentenarians.” These people have lived to see 110 years or more.

Not only is their mere age impressive, but science just unlocked what could be the source of their long life.

Recent research shows that supercentenarians’ bodies have something that may give them ultra protection from viruses and tumors... which may lead to much longer lives.

Live Science explains:

New research finds that... people who make it to 110 years of age or older, have higher-than-typical concentrations of a particularly rare type of T helper cell in their blood. These immune cells might protect the oldest of the old against viruses and tumors, leaving them in remarkably fine health throughout their long life spans.

In short, it’s all about the T helper cells. Because of the high concentration levels, some are saying supercentenarians have “supercharged immune cells.” 

Learn more about this rare group here.

While the 110+ crowd sends shockwaves through the health world, millennials have made their debut lately, too...

Studies show that millennials (25–39) are set to die faster than Generation X (40–54). 

In fact, Business Insider adds:

Without proper management or treatment, millennials could see a 40% uptick in mortality compared with Gen Xers of the same age...

So what is it that’s killing off the millennials? 


Not only are millennials dealing with higher rates of depression, but studies show that many struggle to pay for the help they need.

Business Insider also mentions:

Health care is one of four key costs plaguing millennials. In 1960, the average annual cost of health care per person was $146; in 2016, it hit $10,345. When adjusted for inflation, that's a nine-fold increase. Costs are expected to further increase to $14,944 in 2023.

The financial pressure and poor mental health both create a downward spiral for some millennials. 

No wonder why suicide rates are on the rise!

If you want to help your children or grandchildren, learn more about their health here.

In the information age, millennials have turned to social media for many things.

It’s a place of networking, but it can also be a place for unhealthy affirmation.

It’s hard to find any person these days without a smartphone within arm’s reach.

Young college students say they ditched their phones for a week, and it changed their lives.

Find out how.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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