Dr. Colin Champ

Dr. Colin Champ is a practicing radiation oncologist, a nutritional expert, and an all-around brilliant guy. You may have heard of him as the host of the incredibly popular Caveman Doctor podcast, seen his articles on his Caveman Doctor website and or caught one of his presentations at dozens of health conferences all over the country.

Dr. Champ’s passion for exercise, nutrition, and health started at a young age due to his involvement in sports. This interest grew during his time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied chemical engineering. At MIT, he focused the majority of his time on learning the intricacies of health, exercise, and nutrition. This obsession continues to this day.

In an effort to receive formal medical training, he attended and graduated from medical school. However, the lack of tangible information taught in medical school and in medical training in general left him underwhelmed. He continued to learn as much as possible on his own, with the primary goal of constructing a healthy lifestyle and diet backed by credible clinical and lab-based research. Through his research, he has concluded that mimicking many aspects of the caveman lifestyle and diet, one that the human body has adapted to over millions of years, may have the greatest potential to fight obesity and chronic disease. He is currently an assistant professor in the department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and has a keen interest in dietary and exercise effects on the prevention and treatment of cancer. The connection between the modern diet, obesity, and cancer has been remarkable, and he hopes that he can help its readers fight all three.

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