Fight 17 Cancers at Once

Written by Dr. Jack Wolfson
Posted February 7, 2017

Since the dawn of time, our sun at the center of the solar system has been shining light on earth.

All life on earth has evolved in the presence of the sun and BECAUSE of the sun. Without the sun, there is no life.

Thus, it’s only common sense that your body needs sunshine for healthy living.

Tragically, we have been told to avoid the sun by media and doctors alike. We have been told to apply sunscreen if we are in the sun, even though this sunscreen causes cancer because of its ingredients. Sunscreen blocks UVA and UVB radiation, which are part of solar radiation necessary for good health.

That is why our skin and eye contain receptors for this form of energy.

The wide-spread use of sunscreen in society is undoubtedly a major reason for the explosion of cancer rates in the U.S. First, the vast majority of sunscreens contain toxic ingredients, thus likely to increase cancer risk. Secondly, sunshine, as your will see below, decreases cancer risk. Therefore, if you avoid the sun, you increase your risk of cancer.

The sun creates vitamin D. Adequate amounts of Vitamin D are vital for good health.

The sun controls our circadian rhythm, the internal body clock that makes us tick.

The sun causes release of nitric oxide.

In short, the sun has functions we are only beginning to comprehend.

Let me be clear. I don’t want you to allow the sun to burn your skin. Recurrent sunburn is bad. Protect yourself and your children with a natural sunscreen when facing prolonged exposure. Read the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce them, don’t buy it. Wear a hat and a long shirt/pants when exposure is prolonged and it is your first time in the sun for a while.

Many of my patients are concerned about the link between the sun and skin cancer. My response is always the same: “Why would the sun cause cancer? Humans have been in the sun for millions of years.”

Let me explain a little further. There are basically 3 types of skin cancer: basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma. The last one, melanoma can be deadly. But the good news is that sunshine LOWERS the risk of melanoma. For the medical journal articles, please see below. The other two skin cancers, basal and squamous, are mostly cosmetic and easily removed by a dermatologist. According to Harvard medical doctor, Michael Holick, the link between sunshine and squamous cell/basal cell skin cancer is weak. The number of people who die yearly of basal cell skin cancer? Zero.

Take off your sunglasses and your prescription glasses. Let the energy from the sun come in through the eyes, hit the back of eye called the retina, and work its magic.

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Remember, our ancestors were in the sun for most of the day. Naked. Nature intended for your body to benefit from the sun.

Here’s more good health news. The sun lowers your risk of these 17 cancers:

1) Melanoma
2) Colon
3) Breast
4) Prostate
5) Lymphoma
6) Bladder
7) Lung
8) Pancreas
9) Brain
10) Kidney
11) Uterus
12) Esophagus
13) Ovarian
14) Mouth
15) Thyroid
16) Cervix
17) Leukemia

Dr. Jack Wolfson

Senior Editor, Clear Health Now

Dr. Jack Wolfson DO, FACC is a board-certified cardiologist who believes bad nutrition and toxins create heart health problems. He prevents and treats cardiovascular disease with good nutrition, not medicines and treats the whole person, not just the symptoms.

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