If You Struggle With THIS, Alzheimer’s Might Be Around the Corner...

Written by Alex Reid
Posted November 11, 2019

Hi y’all!

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

Do you or a loved one suffer from an age-related, memory-declining condition?

According to a new study, researchers linked Alzheimer’s with a surprising activity.

For decades, scientists have wondered if there was a connection between the two.

The funny thing is, it’s something you and I do every single day.

But it wasn’t until recently that researchers gathered evidence to prove WHY this strong link exists...

There’s now proof that Alzheimer’s has a strong connection with your sleep.

NPR reported:

Studies show that people with Alzheimer's often have sleep problems. And there's growing evidence that people with sleep problems are more vulnerable to Alzheimer's.

If you have been struggling with sleep, this may be very important for you to learn.

Scientists claim that during deep sleep, the brain clears out Alzheimer’s toxins. 

Also reported by NPR:

The brain waves generated during deep sleep appear to trigger a cleaning system in the brain that protects it against Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Electrical signals known as slow waves appear just before a pulse of fluid washes through the brain, presumably removing toxins associated with Alzheimer's...

If you want to learn more about how sleep can influence your chance of Alzheimer’s, read here.

In more news, America ranks among the top nations in the world…

But before we go beating our chest, you might want to hear me out.

I’m not talking about our political system.

I’m not talking about quality of living.

I’m not talking about our economy.

I’m not talking about our education system.

I’m talking about our high stress levels. 

Congrats, America. We have won the title as one of the most stressed-out nations on this planet.

Smithsonian’s SmartNews reported:

Americans’ stress levels were significantly higher than the global average of 35%, leaving the U.S. tied for fourth (alongside Albania, Iran and Sri Lanka) in Gallup’s ranking of the world’s most stressed populations.

In terms of worry, the U.S.’ 45% was ahead of the global average of 39%. Comparatively, 63% of the world’s most worried population, Mozambique, reported strong feelings of worry the day prior. 

Stress can affect cognitive abilities, heart health, emotional health, and more. 

It’s like a trickle effect...

And if unbridled stress runs rampant for a long period of time, your future health is in jeopardy.

Want to learn more about America’s rankings for negative emotions?

Read the article for yourself.

All of your systems are linked together somehow. Stress or negative emotions can trigger poor body health. And a healthy mind can promote positive body health.

According to a recent study, the opposite is true, too!

The body and mind affect one another.

PsyPost released:

New research provides some preliminary neurophysiological evidence that women who are physically active tend to be better at decreasing the intensity of negative feelings.

Let’s face it: Stress is part of life, but it doesn’t have to RULE your life. There are always coping mechanisms and preventative actions that can help with managing stressors.

Go here now to see how.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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