Science-Backed No-Booze Euphoria in a Can?

Written by Alex Reid
Posted October 26, 2020

Hi y’all!

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

“Alcohol alternatives” always amaze me. I haven’t had alcohol in 10 months.

Do I miss it? No, not really. But something piqued my curiosity over the weekend.

Listen, I’ve seen it all… from non-alcoholic wine to non-alcoholic spirits (like tequila and rum)… But unless you really like the taste of tequila or rum, what’s the point?

At the same time, if you’re pregnant or even diabetic… I could see someone wanting the idea of drinking a glass of wine… without the health impacts of alcohol.

And if you genuinely like the taste of hard liquor, sure maybe a fake tequila or rum might be the answer for you…

But let’s look at the real heart of the matter. Most people have a drink or two to unwind… to relax. 

That’s why I find Kin Europhics so interesting. This company produces “euphoric” drinks that it claims are mood boosting and yet booze free.

The company Kin Europhics offers three options: Kin Spritz, High Rhode, and Dream Light.

Kin Spritz

Kin Euphorics markets its most popular blend Kin Spritz as a “sparkling euphoric crafted with fresh citrus, warm spice, hibiscus, and ginger.”

Think of it as a beer or cocktail replacement… This would be an option for those who desire to crack open a brew after a long day of work… or a nice Saturday afternoon on the deck.

A four-pack of 8oz cans of Kin Spritz will run you a cool $27. Pricey? Absolutely… But I’m curious.

High Rhode

The company describes High Rhode, which comes in a 500ML bottle, as “an herbaceous euphoric with a tart, floral finish that is meant to be mixed to please your palette.” In comparison to the Kin Spritz, High Rhodes would be an alternative to hard liquor.

Each bottle has 8 servings (two shots per serving). It suggests mixing it with seltzer water or juice to make your own cocktail. But the company also strongly suggests a limit to 4 servings for all of its products in a 24-hour span.

For those looking to have a “happy hour” and be social, High Rhode is the suggested choice, according to the company.

A single bottle will run you $39.

Dream Light

While Kin Spritz and High Rhode are marketed to boost your mood.. Dream Light is supposed to help mellow you out.

The company markets it as “an earthy, smoky, smoothly spiced euphoric. Sip to top off the night, drift to your deepest dreams, and rise ready for the day ahead.”

That’s quite the promise…

Most would drink this for a nightcap. A 500 ML bottle will run you $39, just like High Rhode.

The Science Behind It

After reading the entertaining marketing, I went straight for the science. How does it work?

Both the Kin Spritz and High Rhode draw from rhodiola rosea and nootropics like caffeine and tyrosine. As a result these drinks balance cortisol (lowes your stress) and boosts the happy chemicals serotonin and dopamine.

So this creates a very energetic sensation without the hangover!

Meanwhile the Dream Light is a mix of relaxing reishi mushroom caps, melatonin, and white passion flower (to reduce restlessness).

All of these combined, create a very relaxed state.

As with most things, the Kin Europhics products come with a warning. If you’re pregnant, these particular products aren’t for you. You can find more about the details and warnings right here.

In the height of my fascination, I ran this by our Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Anil Bajnath. We discussed how it takes time for natural herbs to really influence how you feel.

Just as with vitamins, consistent usage is standardly required.

I’m going to give this brand a try, and I’ll report back to you guys.

As always, stay safe.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Longevity Insider HQ

P.S. Who doesn’t want to boost their mood or sleep well at night? You can find more tips from Dr. Bajnath himself in his book The Longevity Equation.