The Scientific Reason Diets Require More Than Willpower... (And What That Means for Your Immunity)

Written by Alex Reid
Posted March 31, 2020

Dear Reader,

Does just the thought of a fresh pizza...

Or the scent of a warm, soft pretzel drive your cravings over the edge? 

Maybe you feel like there's no possible way to resist the temptation.

And, then, you feel guilty for not having enough willpower…

But new research shows that having low willpower isn't the real reason you can’t resist junk food…

There's a certain chemical that floods your brain and makes it nearly impossible to resist your cravings — regardless of willpower.

This chemical is called MCH, or melanin-concentrating hormone

MCH is a neurotransmitter that your brain cells produce. Previous studies have shown that MCH increases the desire for food. 

But, now, we're also finding out that it affects your inhibitory control, or your ability to stop and think about your actions' consequences.

It leaves no opportunity for your willpower to kick in…

The moment MCH starts circulating in your brain, all reason and self-control go out the window, making it impossible to resist unhealthy foods. 

"There's underlying physiology in your brain that is regulating your capacity to say no to [impulsive eating]," explained Emily Noble, the lead author of a research paper about the topic. "In experimental models, you can activate that circuitry and get a specific behavioral response."

The researchers trained rats to press a lever for a high-sugar, high-fat treat. 

Between treats, there was a 20-second waiting period. If the rat pressed the lever before the 20 seconds were up, the timer would add on an additional 20 seconds. 

Under normal circumstances, the rats would wait the full time before pressing the lever again. 

Using advanced techniques, the researchers were able to trigger the rats' MCH neuropathways on command. 

The moment this happened, the rats couldn't control their impulses to press the lever, even though they knew they had to wait for 20 seconds before pressing it. 

Noble added:

Activating this specific pathway of MCH neurons increased impulsive behavior without affecting normal eating for caloric need or motivation to consume delicious food... 

Understanding that this circuit, which selectively affects food impulsivity, exists opens the door to the possibility that one day we might be able to develop therapeutics for overeating that help people stick to a diet without reducing normal appetite or making delicious foods less delicious.

Right now, it is crucial to be at your best health. Unhealthy eating doesn't just lead to weight gain… It also wrecks your immune system function and reduces your ability to fight off infection. 

And since willpower will only get you so far, it leaves us with an important question… 

How can you increase your ability to resist unhealthy food temptations? 

As it turns out, there's one thing you can consume that obliterates cravings… It's called MCT oil

MCT, or medium-chain triglycerides, are healthy fats that are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. 

Consuming MCTs early in the day can reduce cravings and appetite and calorie intake later in the day. 

The problem is, many MCT oils contain only a small amount of MCTs, or they contain fillers, additives, and unhealthy chemicals

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That means…

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To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now

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