Two Standard Alcoholic Drinks a Day Now Dangerous?

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 23, 2019

Hi y’all!

Alex Reid here with your Monday roundup.

It’s the season to drink and be merry!

But before you get your first round, did you hear the latest?

Australians are cutting back on what they consider to be a “safe” amount for alcohol consumption.

For the first time since 2009, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has lowered the suggested weekly alcohol consumption.

According to the NHMRC’s 2009 guidelines, “no more than two standard drinks” should be consumed on any given day. That’s a 14-drink weekly limit.

But according to The Guardian, “A review of evidence showed the lifetime risk of dying from alcohol-related disease or injury remained below 1 in 100 if alcohol consumption stayed below” something a little less...

So what’s the magic number in the new guidelines?

A cool 10 drinks a week (or roughly 1.4 drinks a day). 

Meanwhile, “The maximum an adult should have on a single day is four standard drinks,” as posted in The Guardian. The publication also adds:

“Drinking above this level increases this risk while drinking less frequently and drinking less on each occasion reduces this lifetime risk of alcohol-related harm,” the guidelines state.

The updated NHMRC advice comes after three years of research into the harms or benefits of alcohol and its link to disease. But Anne Kelso, the NHMRC chief executive, said the guidelines were “not telling Australians how much to drink”.

“We’re providing advice about the health risks from drinking alcohol so that we can all make informed decisions in our daily lives – for ourselves and for our children,” she said.

Whether it’s eggnog, bourbon, wine, or a nice, cold brew... treat yourself to this article before cheering to your favorite beverage.

Aside from liver damage, heavy alcohol consumption can also lead to short-term behavioral changes due to impaired judgment.

As published by Yahoo! News, scientists say our capacity for complex, strategic thinking could be cut in half in just 80 years.

But it’s not because of alcohol.

All signs are pointing to carbon dioxide.

According to research, carbon dioxide is linked to cognitive impairment. And scientists say that much could change with humanity over the next few generations.

Yahoo! News says:

By the end of the century, indoor carbon dioxide levels could climb so high that they cut human performance on complex cognitive tasks by 50%, according to scientists' calculations.

Are you invested in your cognitive health?

Learn more about the scientists’ latest research right here.

Researchers say the carbon dioxide levels they’re concerned about could affect people’s homes, offices, even classrooms.

And more on behavioral and cognitive health in the news...

A new study by MIT and Harvard Medical School shows that certain infections may actually reduce autism symptoms.

This is probably the most shocking thing I’ve heard all week.

And that’s why I couldn’t wait to show you this.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Clear Health Now


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