What 63% of Americans Secretly Use to Sleep

Written by Alex Reid
Posted December 16, 2019

Hi y’all!

How’d you sleep last night?

Did you naturally go to sleep... or did you need a little help to relax?

A recent study showed that most Americans have trouble getting a good night’s rest. So they are resorting to other means just to get some shuteye.

So if you’re like almost two-thirds of Americans, you probably didn’t get to sleep by your own natural abilities last night...

Sleep Cycle conducted a new study showing that 63% of Americans “occasionally rely on a sleep aid.”

Twenty-five percent do it every single night, “with the most common ‘aides’ being supplements, drugs, and alcohol.”

Here’s the breakdown, according to Sleep Cycle:

  • 42% take melatonin on a nightly basis. (Smart!)
  • 37% confessed the same but about sleeping pills. (Be careful!)
  • 21% self-medicate with alcohol. (This gets tricky!)
  • 20% utilize marijuana. (And so can this!)

Here at Clear Health Now, my team and I constantly search for all-natural breakthroughs to achieve optimal health.

And on the heels of this news, I challenge you to dive deeper into your health today...

If you struggle with sleep (and are resorting to drugs just to manage), this article may explain why.

Many experts will tell you that sleep is one of the most critical factors for good health. It can even help with weight management.

If you’re looking to lose weight... listen up.

I just came across a study confirming that “time-restricted eating” could not only help you lose weight...

But according to a study published by Science Direct, animals and humans can lose weight, achieve healthier blood pressure levels, and decrease the risk of metabolic syndromes by fasting for 14 hours a day.

It’s that season where drug companies will cook up the latest and greatest.

But sometimes, the biggest way to achieve maximum results is to change your habits.

If all you had to do was switch when you ate to stay slim and a little healthier... would you?

Intrigued? I am.

Get ahead of the “holiday weight gain” by giving this a read.

In the spirit of the holidays, stay jolly.

Taking a very holistic approach, a happy heart is good for your health.

And here’s something I came across in the news that is somewhat amusing yet informative.

An Alaskan dentist just got caught for inflating Medicaid bills and stealing $250,000...

Just to add a little flare to his dentistry practices, he has live footage of him pulling a patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard.

Now in court for malpractice and other indiscretions, the dentist will most likely not be practicing dentistry again.

Be careful with the physicians and dentists you choose, folks.

You can check out live footage of the “hoverboarding dentist” right here.

To your health,

Alex Reid
President, Longevity Insider HQ