What the Health? Superhero DNA, Neanderthals and Diabetes

Written by Alex Reid
Posted April 11, 2016

Here are the most bizarre health stories of the week:

Fitbit Helps Doctors in Man's ER Visit

For one New Jersey man, wearing a fitness tracker paid off in a big way: Doctors in the emergency room used the gadget to help determine the best way to treat his heart problem, according to a new report of the case.


High-sugar diet is as 'damaging to your brain as extreme stress or ABUSE'

Chronic sugar intake triggers changes to hippocampus the area of the brain, which is important for both memory and stress


Florida man's Starbucks receipt warns: 'Diabetes here I come'

One customer received an unexpected comment on their coffee cup label...

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Modern men lack Y chromosome genes from Neanderthals

The Neanderthal counterpart of the human Y chromosome, or male sex chromosome, appears to have died out.

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'Superhero DNA' keeps diseases at bay

Some people appear to be born with 'superhero DNA' that cancels out genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis, say researchers.

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What the Health Fact of the Week:

It is a fact that people who dream more often and more vividly, on an average have a higher Intelligence Quotient.

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